Every year I make a New Year's resolution. 
Usually its something like losing weight or giving up chocolate but this year feels really different. 
In the wake of losing someone so close to Rob we have been reflecting on the meaning of our lives and our time here on earth. 

Instead of trying to change something I am going to be resolve to more grateful for all the things I have this 2014. And, just a few things that come to mind....  

  • growing up in the most amazing, supportive, crazy, family
  • having four siblings
  • having the same best friends since i have been 12 
  • marrying my soulmate, best friend and greatest guy i know
  • being with someone who makes me happy almost every single day
  • having two daughters and a step daughter
  • having super easy babies
  • owning a home 
  • living in constant sunshine and perfect weather 
  • having a job with a work life balance
  • having a nanny that adores my girls 

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