I am so excited about the concept of a "work, life balance"! 
My last job was so one sided it was miserable. 
I was going to work until I had Lydia and then take some time off but a great opportunity with a company called Abbvie fell into my lap. They really promote family time and having a good balance. 
My territory is just the Bay Area with almost no overnights over than national meetings.  

My first taste of this great balance was at training in Chicago. I had my mom come to watch Lydia for the first week so I could continue to nurse her. We had several 20 minute breaks throughout the day and an hour for lunch. We finished early and I was able to have dinner and shop with my mom in Chicago each night. It.was.a.blast! It was so fun my mom actually wanted to stay the second week.
Thanks for coming mom, your the best! 

Exercising on the gym ball

Such a ham. Her little smiles get me every time. 

The other "most famous" deep dish in Chicago, Giodornos. I like Lou Malnati's better! 
My mom's idea of tummy time
Last night in Chicago-- Michael Jordan's steak house. Kind of amazing

Plane ride back to CA-- a baby and a study book 

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