A few years ago (seems like a lifetime now) Rob and I had one of our first kisses on New Year's Eve. That night I knew we would be spending NYE together for the rest of our lives. 
One of the things I adore  most about being married and having a family is always having the people you love most with you on the best days of the year. 
Now that we have two little ones it seems every holiday revolves solely around the girls. 
When we rang in 2013 (our first year with Brooklyn) we promised each other this would always be a night just for *us*. Fast forward one year later: Rob suffered a very tragic loss at work of one of his biggest advisors, I started a new job, we had a sick toddler, our nanny had another commitment and oh ya, we have a three month old who I am still breastfeeding. 
I was slumped on the couch in defeat just a few hours before Rob was coming home wallowing in my failure to keep a commitment and/or be a good wife. 
Then I had the glorious idea that if we couldn't go out dancing I would bring the club to us! After all Brooklyn goes to bed at 6:30 and Lydia sleeps unless she needs to be fed. 

We would be alone! 
It could be j u s t  u s. 

I got all dolled up.. makeup, curled hair, disco earrings, the works. I busted out some decorations, make shift hats, popped some martinells, lite some candles, got the surround sound bumping on Kanye pandora station and even downloaded a disco ball app on my iPad. 
You should have seen Rob's face when he saw me jamming in the dark as he walked through the door. It was a mix of shock and wtf!? but definitely excitement. He changed into a "club" outfit and we got the party started at club 905 plaza.

Hanging out with my husband, watching the ball drop (and all those people freeze in NYC) and talking the night away= perfection. I could not have asked for a more perfect NYE 2014. If this year can live up to the fun we had that night, it will most certainly be our best yet. 

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