This Halloween was so much more relaxing than last year. Instead of trying to go to every single Halloween event we choose just a few and did some of our own fun things from home instead. Brooklyn is only two but really got into decorating and baking and buying things for our costumes this year. I don't think she understood what Halloween is exactly but that we would be eating a lot of candy (especially candy corn!) and wearing dress up cloths. I love dressing up the girls and shopping for things with them. I am so excited for the years to come with these two.

^^we bought an elsa wig but then the costume changed direction.. 

^^my little snow white 
^^brooklyn & her cute friend trudy at the church trunk or treat party 

^^little halloween bum  
^^brooklyn has been really into "shopping" lately. we are picking up some items at michael's here (the scary mask was not purchased) 
^^for a family home evening activity we learned to "work together". brooklyn helped frost these awesome ghosts!

^^painting our pumpkins 
^^i was really impressed with my pumpkin
^^im so in love with this girl 
^^trick or treating downtown willow glen during the day (nora brought them this year)

^^halloween night! pageant parents and our toddlers in tiaras. this didn't come out totally as i envisioned.. our shirts were kind of disasters (especially rob's) and the girls didn't want to wear the hair or crown. next year we may be doing the little kids only 

^^hey long hair

^^little girl out on the streets. everyone thought she was a swimmer 
^^end of the night counting the candy brooklyn collected

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