Rob will tell you this was his worst birthday ever. That I forgot to celebrate him. And then I gave him a "household appliance". OK, lets back up to the day I was in Costco a few weeks before his birthday. Rob had been (and still is) on a big smoothie kick in the morning. I was running around Costco with the kids when we heard the Vitamix guy say he was making soup. Wow I thought thats pretty cool, lets wait and taste some. While we waited I heard all the features and benefits AND that it was on sale and just knew I had to get it for Rob. He deserved "the best" blender not the old, cheap one that struggles to blend the ice. So I buy it, wrap it that night and in my mind his birthday is checked off. In the preceding weeks I go back to work, we switch our childcare situation, I go to Chicago for a week, come back and Rob and I are off to New Orleans with Beckett. We land super late Monday night and go to bed. I wake up Tuesday morning to a text from my sister saying Happy Birthday Rob! In my mind: Wait, is it really already June 2nd?! So I forgot, a little. I'm sorry! Worst wife award. But I totally made up for it a few weeks later with a mom and dad only father's day celebration. And although he thought the blender was a lame idea he has used it every.single.day! 

^^don't mind the christmas paper wrapping

^^lemon cupcake from sprinkles, a birthday tradition.
^^happy birthday daddy!

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