^^so fun to be on this vacation with just rob and beckett!
^^FELIX'S! amazing oysters there!
^^heaven on a plate. all i kept thinking was how happy i am to not be pregnant and be able to eat raw food!
^^bourbon is definitely a sketch area for children, even during the day
^^i loved the shopping down here! everything is madri gras, voodoo, alligator, pralines, hot sauce
^^we didn't get to see any jazz because we had beckett, i would love to come back and  go to a jazz club tho!
^^minus the trucks, i really like the cool architecture and different color buildings
^^tasting all the hot sauces. rob's favorite! 

^^doing it right at ACME! this place had the longest line all day. 
^^new borns are so easy to travel with. 
^^it poured the second day but the rain couldn't stop us! 

^^so fun being able to watch rob receive awards for his work performance! such a big crush on him that night! (and every night) ;)
^^rob's dinner was madri gras themed, of course. rocking the mask! 
^^we tried more pralines than i want to admit. these were THE BEST. i bought a 4 pack and ate them all.  you can order them online too!! 

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