When I was still pregnant with Beckett I had this genius idea I would fly to Boston, alone with the three kids during my last two weeks of maternity leave. After Beckett was born and I was super overwhelmed I didn't think it would be possible to make the 7 hour journey, with lay over alone. Lydia is so so hard to travel with (or really do anything with) right now. Brooklyn will mostly just watch the iPad, play with her dollies or rest. Beckett is awesome on flights right now too. He slept most of the way, waking up to eat or get a diaper change. We flew out of SFO at 5:30AM, intentionally. I wanted a really early flight in hopes the kids would sleep and They did! Lydia slept almost the whole way to Atlanta. It was glorious. The flight home was a total disaster. We left Boston at 5:30PM. The kids were tired but wouldn't fall asleep and both Brooklyn and Lydia had diarrhea, which was awesome. We flew direct on the way back but it felt like we were on that plane for years. Predictably the minute the girls got in the car they both fell asleep.

Being in Boston was so fun (as it always is). The weather was hot and sunny and just perfect. I got to do a lot of regular activities that I cherish because I miss them all: hanging out around the house with my sister, Michael, Matthew and Jack lacrosse games, watching Jack go to the junior prom with his friend, running the lake with Matthew and my mom, getting my nails done with Bridget, going to the Red Sox game with Jenna and Liza, playing with Beckett with Sarah and having a girls night with all the butterflies. We also celebrated Lisa choosing her wedding dress and our bridesmaid dresses and meeting all the BM. 
Shout out to my dad, who was the BEST helper with the kids. He woke up every morning with the girls and was literally always holding Beckett.

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