June has been the hardest month for our little family. Returning to work after my maternity leave was so much more difficult than the other two times. I really loved staying home with my kids. The girls have been having a hard time with the transition but also the new au pair. They really loved Nora and miss her, especially Brooklyn. Rob has some things at work that may potentially change a lot. Its been giving me major anxiety waiting to find out. This month with my work has been crazy with travel and evening obligations. Beckett is still waking up to eat around midnight, 3AM and then either 6AM or 8AM. Brooklyn has joined the wake up party too. She keeps getting out of bed searching for her binkey. The other night she saw a spider (not sure how) at 1:30AM and said "its scary, its going to bite me!" and would not go back to bed until Rob hunted it down and killed it. 

My saving grace: The San Jose Swim & Racquet Club. 
Having the pool 0.4 miles from our house has been amazing. We usually walk because its quicker than loading all three kids into the car. Every time we are there I feel like we are on vacation. The kiddie pool is just perfect for the little girls. All the people are so friendly. Every time we go we meet some new friends. A couple of my neighbors are members as well so we meet up with them sometimes too. The best part I can bring the girls after work because it stays warm and light so late now. The girls love the playground too. Even though its a little pricey its been the very best decision to join! 

^^i had to put up this picture. lydia's face kills me here

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