^^she wanted to ride the golf carts so bad. 
^^brooklyn is {always!} laying down.  i think she still needs the daily nap she's recently given up. ha!
^^beckett getting blasted by the sun. brooklyn wore this same swim cover up her first time at the beach! 
^^that triple stroller is a beast to push! rob's making it look effortless

^^our own private pool everyday over looking the gold course. it was heavenly
^^i love the details of her suit-- Gap!
^^lots of walking on that grass, the girls just had the best time running around
^^modeling my new suit for rob! i'm trying really hard to rock the one piece this season

^^this picture is taken for my brother jack, aka donkey!
^^late night beckett, couch selfless. 

^^palm springs star walk! some very unknown names on that street 

^^hot mess. always. she doesn't like going in the pool anymore so just circles around the edge while everyone swims 

^^watching lydia ride the glider board cracks me up, every time 
^^my favorite family picture of us five! <3

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