^^all three on the swings. love my crew
^^lydia's smile just gets me.
^^story time at the library 
^^just feeding himself
^^she choose the fox! {happy hallow}
^^the creamery
^^girls night in san francisco! 
^^celebrating victoria & rob's birthday at uncle yu's
^^three month shots (we give him shots every month to break up too many at one time)
^^daddy time on the basketball court 
^^i love to match them for church
^^they each picked out their sunglasses
^^that cheesy far gets me every time
^^after staying up all night on the red eye to boston
^^ready to move back to boston ;)
^^lydia wasn't too happy to be getting dragged around in the laundry bucket
^^hes such a wiggle worm now. he pushes his feet and scoots around everywhere 

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