please excuse the no make up, post workout face

I am 18 weeks along today! It seems insane I am almost half way through this pregnancy. The second trimester is such a glorious time- still small enough to be comfortable yet no more morning sickness. This pregnancy has been similar to my past one: Easy. So far I have had two easy pregnancies and one easy baby, fingers crossed I get a second easy baby. We find out the sex in just a week and a half on May 10th! I am so anxious to find out weather it is a boy or girl. I actually thought the other day: the sex of this baby is going to change my entire life. So dramatic! I think part of me so badly wants a girl because I am frightened of raising a boy.

I have been really focusing on working out this pregnancy and keeping my activity level high- running and lifting classes at the gym. I have also been focusing on keeping my stress level low. This time last year I was brand new at my job and needed to prove myself. Over the last year and a half I feel I have done that so I can relax a little more and concentrate on staying calm for the baby. I have actually heard several times lately your mood while pregnant can affect that of your baby’s after she is born?! I feel blessed I have been in high spirits thus far. I do remember being angry the last month and just wanting Brooklyn out. Maybe that is why she has a little feisty side to her.

I am beyond excited for Brooklyn to have a sibling. She loves to move around and is so active. Having a built in playmate so close in age will be ideal for her. There are a lot of times Rob and I are sitting on the couch relaxing and she is bopping around the living room like a little dog looking for attention. I rub my belly and smile knowing in just a few months she will have a little friend to play with.

Time seems to be moving so quickly this pregnancy however that could be because Brooklyn is growing so fast. I am really enjoying things this time around and hope the second half of this nine months is as good as the first!

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