Growing up I wore 90 SPF, applied several times per day and was taught if you get a sunburn you will get skin cancer and you will die. Over the years I have always followed my parents counsel and sat in the shade, wore extra sunblock and covered up. Of course I have done the same for Brooklyn. She wears sunscreen, stays in the shade, only goes in the sun for short periods of time and wears a sunhat to protect the top of her head and face. We have now added a water shirt to that mix. 

After a long pool day with friends and then a full week of water parks in Orlando I was feeling pretty confident I had this protect my baby from the sun thing down. That was until the beach last week. It was a gorgeous day at Natural Bridges in Santa Cruz, sunny and 90 degrees. This was actually Brooklyn's first trip to the beach as a mobile baby. We went a few times last summer when she was first born but she just stayed inside the stroller. She love, love, loved the ocean water and screamed in delight each time a wave pushed toward her. We had an umbrella but unfortunately she wanted to sit in the water or walk around in the sand. I think the below pictures were before I put her suit on and after I took it off but she did have a bathing suit and got a little pink burn on both her shoulders and the part of her back that the suit did not cover. I discovered this when I gave her a bath after we got home and nearly started crying. 

Fortunately Brooklyn wasn't bothered by the light burn but I did read that chances of skin cancer rise dramatically if an infant is burned by the sun. Now I know her light little skin cannot be in the sun almost at all. This is just another reason she should have got my skin! We will be covering her up like the very bottom picture moving forward :)

^^ all smiles before the sunburn set in 

^^hanging out at the pool. burn free
^^well protected in orlando

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