After so much anticipation, a crossed leg incident and five long days of waiting we had our Level 2 Ultra sound which revealed A BABY GIRL! More importantly the doctor told us the small cyst although still present, is 99% a non issue. He reviewed additional blood work which revealed 1 in 2 million chance for trisomy 18. We declined the genetic counseling and feel very confident our little girl is healthy. 

Finding out the gender was bittersweet. We went into the appointment both hoping for a very different outcome, me a girl and Rob a boy. I was overjoyed when we found out but he was a little more quite. I think two babies 14 months apart just need to be the same gender. Rob thinks he already has five kids and now definitly needs to go for a sixth! We could both agree that we are so, so, so happy our little one is healthy.

After we celebrated with breakfast and started thinking about names. When we had Brooklyn there was no back-up name so we are at the very beginning again in the name hunt. We know we are going to do Taylor (Rob's mom's maiden name) for the middle name we just need to find a first name that matches. When I was pregnant with Brooklyn I always imaged what she would look like. Now when I think of this baby I assume it will just look the same. I'm still holding out hope there could be a mini me clone inside. I am so excited to have another little girl and watch these two grow together and develop the same amazing relationship me and my sister have. 

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