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Last Friday morning Rob and I excitedly got ready for the doctor appointment where the gender would be revealed! We arrived a few minutes early and then waited. And waited and waited. Once we were seen the woman hurried through our exam, quickly pointing out the major landmarks and taking notes. I gasped when I saw two little feet neatly crossed over one another. The technician told me to lay on my left side while she finished the notes. As soon as she was done I returned to my back, she poked at my stomach for about 10 seconds then said sorry we have done all we can today, the legs are crossed we will not be able to determine the gender. Nooooooo!!! I actually almost started crying. 

Feeling devastated, we walked with the notes to go review with the doctor. My doctor had a family emergency so someone else would be reviewing the ultrasound but this meant waiting again for 30 minutes. At this point Rob needed to go back to work and I was left with an overly active child, no gender for our unborn baby and to hear the results of the ultrasound alone. :( The doctor met with me for less than 20 seconds and said a choroid plexus cyst had been found in the brain and we would need to go for a level two ultrasound. Here she said they would be able to tell us the gender. Having gone through this with Brooklyn I remained calm and proceed to schedule the appointment. 

On Wednesday we will be taking a closer look to see if there are any other "markers" that would indicate trisomy 18- a very, very rare genetic defeat associated with choroid plexus cyst. Fortunately having the cyst is actually pretty common (about 1 in 50) in healthy, perfect babies. I think because my pregnancies are so physically easy I needed to be given some kind of worry to really prepare me for motherhood. Keep our little baby in your prayers! 

^^waiting to see if the baby would uncross its little legs!^^

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