Remember eternity two weeks when I was 2cm dilated and the doctor said it could be any day now?  Ya, well we are still baby-less. We have both been feeling a little anxious only because we thought the baby would have arrived already. Its almost a joke now that every time I call Rob he answers with "ya, is this it?!" not even hello anymore. I feel the same each time I feel a contraction.
Rob decided to come to my doctor appointment today to hear the update and actually meet the doctor (I had switched just last month to a new one). Exciting news I am not 4 cm dilated! These appointments usually last 10 minutes but of course because Rob came along we were there for two hours. 
I haven't felt as much movement with the baby this past week so the doctor decided I should get a stress test to make sure everything was looking OK inside. I got a little panicked when he said if anything looked troubling we could go over to the hospital and deliver now. Now, as in like RIGHT NOW. 
Fortunately everything is perfect with our little baby however we did decide we would induce on the due date, this Friday. Brooklyn was a week early and weighed 8'11. The doctor said this baby will also be big and there isn't a real reason to go over the due date. Rob is convinced if we wait any longer the baby will be so big I will need a c-section. Thanks for making me even more nervous, babe! 
At first I was really excited to be induced on 9/27. Brooklyn's birthday is 7/27 and I think it would be so cool if they have the same day of the month for their birthdays. If nothing else easy for family and friends to remember, ha! I was almost hoping the baby would hold off until Friday for this very reason. It wasn't until we left that Rob reminded me Drew's (Brooklyn's older half-brother) birthday is 9/28. Ah, I didn't even think of that OR consider that I could possibly be in labor until the next day. I guess it would be kind of lame sharing your birthday with a sibling. Everyone wants to have their own special day. 
So, the decision is: Do we induce on Thursday to ensure a same day birthday isn't shared, yet shatter my dream of having Brooklyn and the new baby share the same day of month? Or do we wait until Friday and hope we can have the baby in less than 12 hours? 

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