We could not be more excited to welcome our new baby girl into the world! After three days in the hospital we finally decided to name her Lydia Taylor! We had several names however none seemed to fit after we met our very sweet, very girly, baby. We think Lydia is elegant, beautiful, sophisticated and encompasses everything we hope our daughter will grown to become. 

Her birth story is eerily similar to Brooklyn's. {We were scheduled for a 7AM induction on Friday, July 27th. Everything was packed, we had taken time off from work and sent our last emails when my water broke at 1AM on the 27th and we headed to the hospital..} With Lydia we were scheduled for an induction on Friday, September 27th at 10:30am. We were totally prepared work wise and at the house. 

We enjoyed a "last dinner" with friends and Brooklyn. It was at my friends house I got my first contraction at 8PM. I knew it was different than the Braxton-Hicks because of the cramping along with the tightening of the stomach. I had to move to the couch it was so strong. We headed home, still not sure exactly what that contraction meant. An hour later I felt another one and this continued until 3AM when they started to be about 15 minutes apart. By 4AM they were 10 minutes and then 5 minutes apart. We called the hospital at 5AM and knew we needed to go NOW. I was fearful we had waited too long I NEEDED THAT EPIDURAL!!! We arrived around 5:30. They measured by cervix which was already 6 cm dilated. By this point the contractions were so strong and so close together I could barely walk or speak. I keep asking for the epidural but the anesthesiologist was in a c-section and there was still another woman waiting ahead of me. The contractions were bringing me to tears. I thought I was going to vomit and/or pass out. I was so lucky to  miss all this with Brooklyn because my water broke and I received the epidural so quickly.

Finally, I got the epidural around 7:00AM. They told me to rest for an hour until they checked me again. At 8AM I was 9.5 cm dilated and would be ready to start pushing soon. We waited a few minutes for the doctor and began! Less than 15 minutes later our sweet girl was born! The pushing was unbelievably fast and easy. It almost made those few hours of contractions worth it. 

Because the birth was so quick Lydia was just perfect looking! Her skin was a pretty pink color, no swollen face or cone shaped head. I was able to hold her skin-to-skin and admire her beautiful face and all.that.hair! Rob and I feel so thankful and blessed that we have such a beautiful, healthy daughter.
We love you Lydia!! 

^^Post epidural. Feeling goooooood. Waiting to fully dilate and then began pushing. 
^^Seconds after she was born! Skin to skin with mommy. 
^^Proud parents and our amazing OB, Dr. Silverman! 
^^Cleaned off and tanning under the heat lights.
^^Grammy brought Brooklyn in to meet her baby sister. Brooklyn was so sweet and soft. Brooklyn had a little runny nose so we didn't want them to be too close. She will be coming home tomorrow. I just cannot wait to watch these two together! 
^^My family<3
I am so, so in love with each of these three people.
^^Dad and Lydia. She has his heart. 
^^Lydia Taylor Williams. 9/27/13. 8:47AM. 8pound, 20 inches

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