Seventeen days until our due date!

It dawned on me yesterday just how very, really close we are when one of Rob's coworkers asked how many days until d-day. I fumbled but Rob quickly replied "eighteen days"{good job dad!} After his coworker left we got to talking about how ready and prepared we felt. It hurt a little when Rob said he wasn't ready and just hasn't really thought about it. It hurt even more when I nodded my head because I am on the same exact page. 
Really though, who did we think we were getting pregnant again at FIVE MONTHS! Everyone I met asks me when I am due and the next question is how old is she (Brooklyn), then they shake their head, almost in a pity like fashion and say the same line: "wow, your going to have your hands full." When Brooklyn was five months she was tiny, adorable and e-a-sy! No running away, no talking back, no disobeying, no tantrums, etc, etc. I thought we were just blessed with an easy child however looking back all children are "easy" in that regard, at that age. We did luck out with an awesome little kid but none the less she is still a toddler with a lot of personality
But as much as I am not ready to have this baby, I am totally ready. I'm ready to have my body back, ready to work out hard, ready to drink soda and eat sushi and deli meats, ready to lay on my stomach, ready to hug my husband without a massive bump in between us, just ready to be without child. 
I know it will be a tough go for a little while but I love how much Brooklyn strengthened our marriage and our love for each other. Her addition made our family feel whole. I know we aren't even close to done completing this little family of ours and this new baby will be just the perfect piece, right now. 
At my doctor appointment today I found out I am actually 2 cm dilated! That means our sweet girl could be coming any day now. Little nameless baby you are invited to join the world early. The countdown is on. We cannot wait for your arrival! 

^^Cutest girl ever terrorizing the Obgyn waiting room. The no cloths you ask? Blow out on the car ride over.   Really wish I got some pictures of the actual appointment. Doctor checking my dilation while I am laying on a table with Brooklyn draped across my chest. Not sure why I continue to bring her to these appointments. 
^^38 weeks!! Oh we are excited! 

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