Whenever I have time off from work I look for fun organized things to bring Brooklyn to. I really love all the San Jose libraries and the special events they put on. This summer we have gone to story time, baby yoga, move and dance and most recently a petting zoo. The best part is all of these events are free. The worst part, because they are free they are super popular and crowded. Yesterday we called some friends and headed to go pet some animals. 

^^Brooklyn and one of her best friends, Ty
^^We were too lazy to wait in the super long line to go inside the cage. Petting the bunnies from outside the cage was good enough. (Notice her new hair style: pig tails!)
^^Side profile of my favorite girl
^^The reason we went inside: to escape this crazy crowd

^^Seeing them sit at that table and read open the books melts my heart.
^^And the preggos sitting on the smallest chair in the library. So lucky to have such great friends out here.

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