..Apple Picking at Gizdich Rach.. 

Now that I am a mother I realized I may end up loving these "kid" activities more than the actual kids. I really get way too excited for this type stuff. Sadly, Rob does not share my passion. He does know happy wife equals happy wife and does he very best to support my little outings.

 I know Brooklyn is a little young for apple picking but she did seem to have a great time. Her favorite part was running around, falling the dirt {sigh} and of course eating the apple pie at the end.

Growing up in New England we went apple picking every fall. We would put on jeans and long sleeve shirts and head out into the perfectly crisp fall air. It wasn't fall in my house unless we had gone apple picking for those big juicy, macintosh deliciousness. Out here in California the seasons are blurred and its tough to get into the spirit of the holidays. All the more reason it is important to do this type of stuff. 

Even though it was an hour car ride to Watsonville, super hot and dusty, andddd the apples were lack lustier we had a great time! Next year we may try out another farm but this is definitely going to be a Williams family tradition. 

^^ Heading out to find the apples. Brooklyn needed a little lift. 
^^ She ended up really liking this wheel barrel and wanting to ride instead of walking. 
^^ Doing a little picking with daddy.  

^^ Theres a semi smile. Notice our twinner shirts? My dream to match my baby! 

^^Hello bump! Hurry up little baby. 
^^The bump in walking action. Brooklyn still refusing to look at the camera but holding strong onto those sides. 
^^ Miss Independent wanted a turn pulling the wheel barrel. 

^^Waiting for our apple pie and ice cream. Little girl is getting to big to be held these days. 

^^The apple pie! Very tasty, very filling. Sorry Gizdich Ranch, I like my mom's better. 
^^How did a girl get so lucky with there two. Just love them. 

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