Thursday night my awesome friends threw me a sprinkle. I love the name sprinkle, for a mini baby shower for the second or third born child. A sprinkle is for moms who have many traditional registry items already, but still want an occasion to celebrate with their friends. Since I love any reason to throw or attend a party when my friends brought up the idea I was in. 
I did feel a little guilty at the thought of receiving gifts for my second baby, especially because its going to be a girl however. We came up with a great, inexpensive idea of having me create a book registry and requesting just that. It was really fun to choose all the books and know my guests would have a simple, inexpensive decision to just pick the one they wanted to give. I loved that several of the books ended up being some of the ladies childhood favorites. Hearing the stories made me imagine reading the books to my little girls and them having those same fond memories.
Everything about this night was just perfect from the desserts to the games to the gifts and conversations. 
I loved the sprinkle games the most. My favorite was everyone brought a baby picture and put it on their gift so I had to guess who each present was from. Either I'm a bad facial profiler or people look way different because I think I got maybe two right. 
Thank you to everyone who came and made this night so exceptional. A special thanks to Emi, Tarin, Adria, Katie, Kira and anyone else who helped put this together. The party was so much fun and I truly felt showered in love. I really lucked out with such a great group of friends. These girls are my family away from home and I love them for that. 

^^gift table. <3
^^perfect sprinkle treats
^^opening some gifts 
^^{almost} everyone. an amazing group of woman right there 

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  1. cute! we loved sprinkling you. send me the picture of us from your camera!!