A few Saturdays ago (seriously how did the month already fly by?!) we had a full day of Christmas fun. We attended the Christmas Creche exhibit in Palo Alto with our good friends the Toolsons, in the afternoon and our church Christmas party in the evening. 

The Creche exhibit was a.m.a.z.i.n.g! I didn't have any expectations going in and was blown away. There were hundreds upon hundreds of different nativity scenes from all around the world. Each room had a different theme and honored different parts of the globe. It was so interesting to see how each culture created jesus to look like themselves. They also had a kids room, puppet show and crafts which Brooklyn loved. I would highly recommend this for anyone who lives in the area! 

The church Christmas party was a blast too. I use to think life would be so lame once I was a parent but its so fun and exciting in a totally different way. Seeing Brooklyn's little personality develop is one of the most rewarding things in my life. Watching her sit and laugh at that small table with the other toddlers was cute beyond words. Things ended up taking an ugly turn during dinner when she was bored and we left before the music program or seeing santa. Missing santa was a bummer because this was suppose to be the "santa & me 2013" picture. {Sigh} 

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