We blessed Lydia on Sunday!
There was a lot of speculation to see which name {Lydia or Sydney} Rob would call her. Side note: I we have been seriously talking about changing her name to Sydney. That is for another post though.
Lydia looked extra beautiful in her fancy dress.
This was the same one Brooklyn wore at her baby blessing, just last year. Brooklyn looks a little biger because she was almost five months old. People typically bless their babies when they are only a few weeks old however we waited until around Christmas for both girls so my in-laws could come when they were back in CA.
I think I say this in every posts; days like today are always so happy but a little sad too that my family is so, so far. I feel extra lucky to have Rob's family so close now.   
I was also a little sad we didn't get a picture with Lydia and mom and dad. We planned to and then she had a blow out all over her dress and tights. We may have to retire this blessing dress after this year. 
It was a great day of blessings, family and food. Lydia, we are so thankful you came into this world. 
We love you!
^^My little doll. She is my baby twin

^^(Not suppose to take pictures in church but I did).. Moments before she was blessed.

^^My super crafty mother-in-law made these for the big day. Lydia Taylor Williams!

^^The girls with the grandparents <3

^^Some of our family gathered to celebrate Lydia.--- on a self timer--- don't mind the hallway

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