When I was a little girl I had a 4 foot tall Barbie doll house that was the envy of the neighborhood. I was kind of obsessed with that house and dressing up my Barbie dolls. Like, even until seventh grade, obsessed. 
Little did I know at the time one day I would have my own, real life doll. My little "dolly" Brooklyn is the best to dress up! We had such a fun fashion show putting on all her Christmas outfits. I had to bribe her with a mini marshmallow after each shot to stand still. I love how well she can follow directions now (and how much she loves her candy!) 
I can't wait to see her pose for pictures in the coming years. 

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  1. i'm dying!! i'm obsessed with her. these outfits are darling and love that you bribed her with a mini marshmallow hehe!