Last year (see here) we started the tradition of going into the Santa Cruz forest and cutting down our very own Christmas tree. We went to Summit Farms again because it was such a good experience last year. I love how this is something we can do every year as a family. The scenery is breathtaking and the beauty helps us remember that Christmas is more than just about getting presents. 

Looking back to our pictures from last year a lot has changed. Now we have a toddler and another baby and a new car and a finally decorated room to put the tree in. Like before, Rob did all most of the heavy lifting but it was a group effort to keep everyone warm and entertained. We had a cold streak come through the area for about two weeks, making it really feel like winter around here. 

^^Of all the places to choose a tree we decided to get one next to this huge dumpster. Brooklyn was pretty happy about it though. 
^^Hanging out waiting for daddy to cut the tree
^^Couldn't ask for a greater guy.. look at that enthusiasm! 

^^See see! I helped lift the tree to the top of the car.
^^Last year she could barely lift her head. This year she sat in the car playing with my iPhone. 

^^New year, new car. The tree made it home successfully! 
^^We are completely blocking the tree but at least you can see the completed living room. Sadly I never took a picture of the tree and when we came home from Boston it was all but dead :/

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