Thanksgiving 2013 was our first combined family holiday and boy was it a good one! I have been begging my family to come out west for any holiday. Being the oldest of five everytime we are all togeter it feels like a party. Since we are doing Christmas in Boston, we wanted to do Thanksgiving with my in-laws in Arizona. Going down there is a blast because its always much hotter than California and we get to see my sister in-law Emily and her two cute kids Lucy and Quinn. Rob, myself and our five kids stayed with my in-laws while my parents and the kids stayed in a hotel close by. We did a lot of swimming in the pool, day trips to Sedona and The Grand Canyon, Thanksgiving dinner at a beautiful resort and some serious black Friday shopping. The week was such a blast and seemed to fly by. I loved having both sides of my family under one roof and being able to celebrate with all my favorite people.

^^Some grammy time before church

^^First of a million pool pictures because thats really where we spent the whole week.

^^Grampy and Papa with the littles! 

^^Cutest two girls on the road to Sedona 

^^Sedona pottery 

^^The whole group at the red rocks


^^Thats one pretty happy Sawyer. Maybe some vortex action happening here..

^^Chapel of the Holy Cross, Sedona 

^^My family! Outside the Chapel of the Holy Cross 

^^Pictures can't do the Grand Canyon justice. I almost couldn't process the beauty and depth. It was unlike anything I have ever seen!

^^After driving four hours we sorely underestimated the weather. By about, um 35 degrees. It was 80 in Scottsdale and 45 at the Grand Canyon. Oh, elevation. Luckily it was sunny and we had a bunch of extra jackets. 

^^My best friend right there. Celebrating life! 

^^Because my mom is the best she carried Lyd around the entire day

^^There is one person who does not belong.. 

^^Lydia's first time in a swimsuit! 

^^Our attempt to get a family shot before Easter dinner {sigh}

^^Petitto girls! 

^^My handsome man


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