Christmas card 2013

I think as people get older they become less thrifty, not me. I still have the mind set of a poor college student and I am going to hold on to that as long as I can. I love saving money and especially getting a good deal on things. However, sometimes you get what you pay for. Like my Christmas cards this year. I went double frugal by purchasing not one but two groupons to make this card happen. The picture was a $15 groupon to JCP, the place where the trouble started. We were running late (as usual) and I was panicking. I called the place several times but no one answered. I realized why once we got there: they were running behind too. By an hour and a half! Imagine the outcome of two infants who had not eaten dinner getting a picture taken 20 minutes after bedtime. Not good. Our photographer was beyond horrible. She captured all these odd angles before quickly rushing us out. Great. On to the second groupon disaster; my photo card deal. I checked out the website and saw tons of cute designs I wanted. 60 cards for $15, score! Little did I know the groupon restricted the template options to about, nothing. Being stubborn and maybe a little cheap (OK, a lot cheap) I forged forward with my original idea and the result .........

Lucky  I have two gorgeous littles. Guess the result could have been a lot worse. Next year we are going to use a legit professional for the photos and a non groupon for the cards. Whoo hoo for 2014 cards! And, Merry Christmas! 

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