2 months & 16 months

I love that Lydia and Brooklyn share the same birth date {the 27th}. It makes it so easy to track how old they are and we can do their monthly well checks at the same time. Infants and shots never mix well plus our doctor is a solid 20 minute drive-- way convenient to bring them both at the same time!


Big Brooklyn is off the charts, still! 
She has seemed to really thin out these last few weeks.. guess not. 
length: 33 1/2
weight: 26.9
head: 47

Little Lyd measuring in at 50% for each
length: 22 1/2
weight: 10.9
head: 37 3/4

My favorite new thing Lydia is doing is smiling! She smiles most at daddy but I get a flash of those pink gums every once in a while. She is rolling over on the regular, making more and more eye contact and cooing up a storm. Her hair is still growing longer and we are always getting asked if it is a wig. She is SUCH a good baby despite recently finding out she has acid reflex. I have noticed in the night its the worst, she arches her back and yells out in pain while feeding. The poor little thing looks so uncomfortable but is so hungry, its a tough situation to watch. She is sleeping 11-5/ 5-9 or 11-8 every night. I prefer the later sleep schedule, not sure why she chooses one over the other tho. 

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