Our trip to Boston was Brooklyn's fourth flight, second across the country. The first three were amazing however this time not so much. It seems she has grown out of the stage of falling asleep and being perfect while flying. She screamed for a solid 30 minutes but eventually did take a good nap. 

Last time we were here she was only two months old and still needed her neck held. She is now 4.5 months and can do many more tricks. My family was so impressed. I loved watching her smile as everyone cheered her on. Its official, she's a star! 

"Crouching tiger" was everyone's favorite. 

On Wednesday my mom brought Brooklyn and I to do her favorite two things: mall shopping and the Cheesecake Factory. We couldn't believe how small the NB cloths looked and that it was just a few months ago that b was wearing them. My sister and her boyfriend met us for dinner. 

On Thursday we did some playing with Brooklyn in the morning. My brother Michael gave Brooklyn an early Christmas present: the cutest ever fur coat. Jack wanted to match so pulled out his fur coat for some pictures. Not sure on that one but Brooklyn seemed to like it. 


In the afternoon my mom, Brooklyn and I headed up to my cousin Michelle's awesome store called Every Occasion Boutique in Salem, MA. https://www.facebook.com/EveryOccasionBoutique Michelle is my closest cousin in age and one of the few girl cousins so we have always been close. I am so proud of her adorable store, check it out! 

The location is awesome too, right on the water. We attempted a photo shoot with b. I swear one day I will get actual professional pictures. 

Of course being in Salem we got amazing New England food; fish and chips and lobster roll. Yum!

At night I picked up my bestie Amy and headed into Boston to celebrate one of my friend's birthday. The lights and trees in Fanueil Hall are awesome. They had the Boston Pops music playing and the lights would flash to the beat. We went to Dick's Last resort with my college friends for some birthday fun. This restaurant is so funny the waiters give you mean hats and are rude to you. Weird concept but it works. 



Words cannot express how much I love being home...

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