One of my favorite days each month…


My awesome friend Katie organizes a girl's night once a month with a seasonal theme. October was pumpkin themed foods, November was a thanksgiving dinner, etc. We usually have done everyone bring a dinner item and we split the group into four- five houses. This month she organized a dessert party with ALL of the girls. This meant we each got to taste TWENTY different desserts. Since I love all things sweet this was heaven. 

Stolen from Janae :)

Brooklyn decided she didn't want to attend the party and slept the entire time. I tried to temp B to wake up with the sweet aromas but she simply wasn't having it. The idea was to taste a few different desserts and then prepare a take home plate to share with your family. Lucky for me I only need to share with one person ;)

My friend Emi & I returned to my house to deliver the take home goods to our husbands. They stuffed their mouths for a solid 10 minutes. I had to cut Rob off before he went too far.

I filled this amazing cake jar http://www.crateandbarrel.com/footed-cake-platter-with-dome/s126268 with the remaining goods. Things are looking prettttty festive in the William's home these days. 

My little Christmas bear woke up as soon as we got home. I'm so happy its Friday, looking forward to hanging out with this little one and my husband all weekend long. 

5 days until Boston! *

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