At long last my gorgeous husband arrived! He surprised us all by wearing a Boston sweatshirt and of course bringing my mom chocolates. He's definitely a keeper :)

Being a mean mother and tempting her with the chocolates

Friday was the first legendary gym day for Rob & I. I have high hopes that this could one day again continue. 

In the evening we went to Rob's favorite Wakefield restaurant; Morenas. Amazing Italian food, very reasonably priced. Rob forced me to bring him back here the very next night for a date before my friends came over.


Saturday morning we went to the twins hockey game. Their team won 2-3, Matthew got the first goal and Michael got the game winner. We were very impressed with their skills! 

My little girl representing Boston!

In the afternoon we hit the barber shop aka Hannah's amazing hair cutting skills. This is becoming a staple in my trips home. I get a hair cut, Wakefield up dates and get to hang out with my friends, what could be better!? https://www.facebook.com/pages/Primp-at-Tiffanys/243498592395084

The after- short & curled! 
At night the butterflies annual gift swap commenced at my house. I love that these girls have been my best friends since sixth grade. We were missing two butterflies but gained a junior butterfly this year! 


the first junior butterfly! 
On Sunday we did one of the lowest budget things possible: family photo shoot, AT target from a Groupon. My mom and sister have been big on the Groupon lately. 

In the afternoon we took a road trip down to Cape Cod to visit my aunt and my cousin's new baby. The men lead the way to Buzzard's Bay. My cute aunt had a full spread of appetizers and a dessert buffet at the end. 

The new grandmas! 

My aunt lives near the beach so we decided in the spirit of ghetto photo shoots to have my 10 year old brother snap a few pictures of Rob & I. I think he actually did a pretty good job! 

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  1. SO FUN! miss you and love the pictures so i can see your fun visit home.. way to go rob with the boston shirt + chocolates! can't wait to see you when we're back!!