4TH OF JULY 2015

Since we moved to San Jose we have done 4th of July in Aptos with friends. This year Rob's parents organized a family trip to Newport Beach, CA. We lucked out because the house we were staying in Saturday-Saturday, "required" us to stay Friday too. We got to wake up in Newport Beach on the 4th of July! If you know me, you know I LOVE parades. I require Rob to attend three per year with me: Easter, 4th of July and Thanksgiving. Because we have done Aptos the last two years we missed any parades. This year I found the Newport Beach parade with a "celebration" after. How fun?! I thought it was a little odd that the street was basically empty only a few minutes before the parade. But alas people started filling in and the parade began. Everything started good, at first. Brooklyn has been to enough parades that she immediatly asked she would get some candy. Ha! A few trucks drove by and threw out candy then people started walking, and more people, and more people. THAT was the parade. After five minutes with the girls looking sad waiting for candy or a float we stepped up and joined the parade. Brooklyn waved the flag and proudly walked as people clapped. We sat towards the end so our walk to the celebration was short. I did get too many pictures it was cute for the kids to jump on all the bounce houses and the play ground. There was a bunch of food but we decided to head back to the beach and join my brother in law Ben's family and my in-laws. At night we watched the fireworks from our beach house and just talked. I love the 4th of July and this year was no exception! 

^^these girls. sisters & best friends. im obsessed! 

^^rocking her USA glasses
^^she was so cute waving that flag

^^my lyddy :)

^^such a family picture fail.
i don't blame the kid's faces.
this was THE lamest parade ever.
^^we decided to get up and join the "parade"
which consisted of random people walking down the street

^^the "parade" finished into the celebration
bouncy houses and food
^^then it was back to the beach house to join the rest of the family
^^their cutest cousin gretchen  
^^rob teaching brooklyn how to surf
^^my happy baby crab
^^the same bathing suit brooklyn wore two 4th of july's ago!
^^love this dad
^^my crew
^^beck and grammie 

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