Disneyland truly is the happiest place on earth! Brooklyn has been Disney World twice but this was the first visit for both girls to Disneyland. Brooklyn is just old enough (we think) to really appreciate all the characters and attractions. I know she won't remember this trip but we always will. Brooklyn and Lydia's faces were just the best throughout the day. Everyone was happy, including Rob(!!) to be there. It really was just the perfect day. The biggest highlight for me was the Enchanted Tiki Room. Watching that show always makes me really feel like I'm on vacation. Brooklyn and Lydia were clapping and dancing along in their seats the entire time. Brooklyn's highlight was the Dumbo the flying elephant and the Casey Jr Circus train rides. Rob's highlight was that Brooklyn's favorite ride was one with him! Lydia's highlight was probably the pink cotton candy. We drove down from San Jose Thursday night and didn't get to the hotel until 2AM! Friday morning we slept in (hallelujah!) until 11AM, ate lunch and casually walked over to the park. We knew the girls wouldn't last all day and we only had to pay for two tickets (everyone is still under 3- score!) so rushing there wasn't an issue. We stayed until about 6PM and felt we had seen everything we wanted, without any meltdowns! Rob insisted we go on Its a Small World before we left. I was resistant because I thought the line would be wrong but to my surprise we walked on! The dancing dolls are so incredibility cute. It was the perfect ending to the perfect day. 

^^waiting to board the train
^^train ride around the park to check out what we wanted to do

^^just some of the little details on the 60th diamond celebration
^^all she could think about was that pink cotton candy

^^lydia fell asleep as we entered fantasyland.
brooklyn was spoiled to get all the attention riding with just mom or dad.
can you tell, she loved it!

^^patiently waiting for dumbo.
it was our longest wait of the day: 30 minutes!

^^dumbo ride was not only her favorite of the day
but her favorite thing from the whole newport beach trip!

^^studying the park map.
after every ride…. "can we please go on another ride?! i love disneyland!"

^^trying so hard for a disneyland family photo
^^the whole crew on its a small world. this was take #109287398473
^^i love how sweet she is with beckett 
^^disneyland is such a magical place

^^end of the day.. i got my chocolate mikey mouse ears ice-cream! 
^^walking back to our car. we stayed at the marriott courtyard across the street from the park

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