I was so excited to run the half marathon this year. The training schedule came out the week I could start working out again, six weeks after Beckett was born. It was such perfect timing for me I committed myself to training and set a goal of an 8 minute mile. I had run close to this one time before in my first half marathon (pre kids, right after college) without much training, so kind of wanted to prove to myself I "still had it."And by "still had it" I mean the ability to be athletic again. I am super competitive but since having kids I have been pregnant or breastfeeding or recovering or being pregnant again and haven't been able to really train for anything. So, I followed the schedule, every day, every week (including long runs, track runs, etc) for the first six weeks until I went back to work. Even with falling off my training a little bit I was getting really fast and feeling good. So, the night before we leave for Napa I tweak my back, AGAIN. No specific thing this time it just starts to hurt. Saturday morning it starts hurting and gets progressively worse as the day goes on. I could hardly walk by the time we got to Napa. I walked hunched over to the pool, leaning on the stroller and then immediately sat down. Sitting is fine but walking not so much. Beckett pretty much slept all day so it felt like Rob and I were alone on a romantic trip that was great as long as I was just sitting down. I hurt so bad by dinner time Rob we missed the company dinner and Rob just picked up take out. I was so upset I couldn't run the race it totally ruined my weekend. Sunday morning Rob forced me out of the room and basically carried me to the car and into the restaurant for brunch. Our awesome friends, the Toolson's took Brooklyn and Lydia so it was still nice to be away with just my two boys. Overall it was a pretty sad and painful weekend. I'm writing this post a week later and I am currently on pain killers and muscle relaxers and barely feeling better! I got an MRI thursday, so we shall see.  

^^bed fit for a king. beck is five months old today!
^^my handsome husband. he was so, so, sooo sweet caring for me this weekend
^^can you tell my back is hunched here? i couldn't stand up straight, trying so hard though!
^^pina coladas make everything better. and really make me feel like i'm on vacation!
^^seriously pretty here-- look at those vineyards!
^^amazing breakfast! those pancakes oh manna
^^i'm in so much pain here. trying to get a pic of my beck
^^that face! love my two boys 

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