Our week in Newport Beach was the perfect family vacation for us right now. It was a blend of beach, biking, playing, eating and exploring. The family was split into two houses. Our house was on the beach with our family of eight (sounds crazy writing that) and my brother-in-law Ben's family. The second house was a few rows back with my in-laws, and sister-in-laws; Shannon and Emily's families. Having our house on the beach was amazing for all the times I had to run back inside, especially for the girl's naps. Our older kids and the cousins were amazing with the little kids, keeping them entertained and happy. The Friday we got there I started getting sick. By Saturday morning I was coughing uncontrollably. This was the sickest I have been in a long, long time. Sadly the entire trip was plagued by my cough and me not feeling well. I went to bed early every night it was kind of a bummer. My high light was getting the frozen banana on Balboa Island. I'm a huge Arrested Development fan… "there's always money in the banana stand."

^^all the girl cousins (minus gretchen) playing on the beach 

^^drew always being silly!

^^this was the second beach house. we joked it was the designer house. i want to live there
^^poor lucy and her black eye!
^^trying on different outfits for the family photo shoot!

^^lydia wanted to wear her watermelon outfit

^^the family pictures begining  
^^emily's cute family 
^^these three had the best time all week! 
^^perfect evil lydia face. this describes her personality to a tee
^^poor brooklyn didn't take a nap this afternoon and was in a petty whinny mood 

^^always rockin her shades
^^a cute cafe i got tea at one morning, trying to control my cough
^^the boat ride to balboa island 

^^chilling on balboa
^^we were wayyy too excited to get those frozen bananas! 

^^sawyer is the best big brother. 
^^her glasses again
^^these water buckets were to clean the sand off our feet before we went back into the house. of course lydia has to be naughty and get all the way inside. she is always so proud of herself in a naughty moment. 

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