FC Barcelona vs Manchester United! Brooklyn has no idea what an epic first game she attended. Rob surprised me with these tickets several months ago which is huge for him because he kind of hates soccer. Having lived in Barcelona and played soccer in college, I was over the moon to see Barcelona play! However Rob ended up having a family golf trip this weekend so he couldn't go. We both kind of forgot about the tickets until Thursday night. Rob left it to me to sell them. I literally tried every avenue possible but couldn't sell them. Then I realized; bring Brooklyn, she loves soccer!! This was such a fun, special date for us. I can't believe I have a child old enough to do stuff like this with! Because it took us forever to get there we arrived just a few minutes before half time. Brooklyn was so cute clapping when everyone else did. She was great at first but after her soda and chips were gone she said, "I think I would like to go home now." Maybe being late was a good thing. I LOVED watching the game. I saw these two teams play last in Barcelona in 2008. It made me super nostalgic. My goal is to plan Spain for our 2016 vacation and see more soccer games in San Jose. :) 

^^me and my main squeeze, just a casual 1 hour and 40 minute, 7 mile drive 
^^walking over the bridge to the stadium with her "soda and chips!"
^^6 rows back from the field! i felt like we were in the game 
^^she struggles so bad with the sun. her eyes are super, super sensitive 
^^i gave her my sunglasses so we could take a normal picture 
^^i really, really miss soccer
^^last few minutes of the game, barcelona was down 0-2 and brooklyn was bored 

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