A few weeks ago when we were in Newport I snapped these pictures when I realized all three of the kids were drinking milk at the same time. Ha! Since Beckett was born I have only pumped and never actually breast fed him. I usually have an extra bottle so I ask the girls if they want any and someone drinks it. At first I was so disappointed I couldn't breastfeed him because he ate too slow but its actually been a HUGE blessing in disguise. During this trip I tried to breastfeed him because he was freaking out and he totally denied me! I don't think he remembers how to drink anything other than a bottle now. That actually made me really sad. I already feel like my baby's grown up. 

I lined them up of course and then took Lydia's jacket off and lined them up again. They are so good to say "cheese" and smile for me all the time. I love this time in our life with our little family. I tell Rob all the time, I wish it could stay like this forever.... 

Brooklyn- almost three
Lydia- 21 months
Beck- 4 months 

^^my favorite picture!

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