The thing that keeps me up at night right now in my life is my Lydia. She is the cutest disaster tornado I have ever seen. I want to strangle her so many times every day then she gives me that smile and I'm no longer mad. That girl has a skill. Her thing lately is taking pictures. She loves to look at pictures on my phone and take them. She's either saying "pictures, phone?" so I will give it to her or "cheese!" and wanting us to smile. She points the phone toward everyone but somehow always snaps her feet. Below are a couple recent shots:

Her next recent thing is getting out of her crib and getting out of her room and staying up all hours of the night. Brooklyn, my dream child actually asks to go to bed. Tonight she was saying mom, I'm trying to sleep but Lydia won't stay in her bed. The first jump was this Thursday night. Lydia flung herself out so violently it scared me she would get hurt. I lowered her crib rail but she keeps asking to sleep in Brooklyn's bed or mine. When I put her in her crib she goes into a tailspin tantrum. Thursday and Friday she forced Brooklyn awake and to turn the lights on for her (Lydia can't reach). Brooklyn missed her nap today so she was wiped out. Lydia stood outside my room for 45 full minutes screaming/whispering/crying/singing/asking "mommy" she was pretty relentless. I broke down once and went to try to put her in her crib but she flung out and ran back to the door. Towards the end she I could tell she was fading until I didn't hear her anymore. I opened my door to find this……… 

^^at 20 months she looks so long lately. my baby is growing too fast! 

Today is a perfect example of Lydia always lately. I was cleaning and under the sink was open for five minutes max. I walk over to find Lydia spraying a bottle of carpet cleaner directly into her mouth! Literally drinking it. Her entire face, neck and stomach were soaked. I grabbed her, threw her in the tub to clean the poison off her and wash out her mouth. Of course I freaked out and called poison control, thankfully the only harm would be from getting it in her eyes and the worst would be her throwing up. I left her in the her room while I was on this less than two minute phone call she tore out every piece of clothing from both her and Brooklyn's dresser. I almost wanted to cry but then she flashed me her smile.

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