The second half of our trip was beach, beach and more beach. I was so excited for this trip I planned out all the things we would do but I ended up being so sick and just wiped out everything felt like an effort. The playground was a short walk so we did a bunch of that and the little stores along the ocean. A huge highlight was the Newport Beach Cafe Rio, the only one in California! Its easily one of my favorite places to eat so it was such a treat to get it outside of Utah. And to my surprise Rob wanted to stop at the Gilroy outlets on the way home. The kids were amazing on the ride down and back. Other than my illness the week was pretty perfect. Thanks Bob and Victoria for putting it all together! 

^^the newport beach playground was amazing. right on the water, with sand as the floor. i can't even imagine what life would be like living here. 

^^this is one of my favorite new pictures of the girls. 
^^some of the crew on the beach. 

^^a quick bike ride with the hubby!
^^lydia adores her grammie 
^^best friends of the trip!

^^the roberts. one being smart in the sun, the other being a dummy
^^a rare siting of one of the carver boys 

^^brooklyn wanted to send some california love her grandparents in boston 
^^lydia wasn't a fan of the beard
^^telling rob how to pose! ha 

^^me and my beck 
^^having the best time on the beach
^^all six of my kids! our little brady bunch 
^^twinner faces haha
^^waiting for their food 
^^cafe rio!! on the way out of town
^^if our trip wasn't perfect enough we stopped at the disney outlet on the way home in gilroy. i don't have a picture but we found brooklyn the most amazing elsa halloween costume at 75% off!  

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