First, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be able to call this man my husband. There is not another person on this earth I would want to spend every day of the rest of my life with. 

he cares for our little one overnight at least 1 night a week while i travel
he makes me laugh all.the.time
 he supports me, even when i am wrong
he lets me talk for 30 minutes on the phone before saying one word 
 he encourages my career and always has the right thing to say when i want to give up
he sends lots of sweet, funny, silly emoticons in his text messages   
he snuggles me every night because i am always cold  
he corrects the wrong words i say and spell
he tolerates my uncleanliness, kind of
he surprised me with red roses just because 
he calls me cute nick names like boo, boo face, babe and baby
he goes on walks downtown with me even though he hates walking 
he gives me sips of his soda because i refuse to order a drink at restaurants 
he loves me and our daughter unconditionally 
he is my best friend


  1. umm OKAY this is the cutest thing i have ever read. LOVE IT and love you both!!!!

  2. you are too cute tary...i think you are very artistic with those posts lately!!