New Year's Resolution: Join a gym. 
It took Rob and I approximately 1 day to accomplish this and we hit the ground running. By running I mean I have gone twice and Rob once. However one of those two days Saturday, I did a second workout. Yay me!

I can thank Katie for dragging me out of bed for an 8AM yoga session.

Then hit the LG trail with Kira & Brooklyn... 4 miles, woot woot!  

After this excitement the day hit a wall with me putting on pajamas and getting back into bed. After the most beautiful nap Brooklyn and I laid in bed for another hour reading books. I think she actually really likes reading which makes me very, very happy! 
Finally we got dressed and ready to take on the day which lead us to Costco where the most hilarious situation ensued. We needed lots of things and Rob was carrying a huge rug so we stuffed everything, including Brooklyn into the cart on the way out. 
We finished the night with a date to Edna Ray's (horrible chinese food on Lincoln in WG, would not recommend) and having a friend couple over. Perfect Saturday! 

Tired, tired b in her new cute pj's from my cousin Kevin & Jacy

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