It all started when I was reading Brooklyn Goodnight San Francisco, one of her favorite children's books. I love this series because these books highlight all the best places of each major US city. This July I will have lived in the Bay Area for four years so not having seen several of these sites made me feel still like a visitor instead of a local. I showed Rob the book and said we must visit every one of these places. My husband grew up here so he actually had seen them all, and the ones like the Golden Gate Bridge, ten times but because he's awesome he said lets do it!  On Saturday we started on the book.

Our first stop, Stow Lake is the center of Golden Gate Park. There is a cute boat house where you can rent paddle boats and get food. We walked around the lake and got hot dogs for lunch while we waited for a paddle boat. I would love to say Brooklyn had the best time on the boat but she actually hated it. This little girl is so easy going and happy all the time, I was really surprised upset she was. She started crying as soon as we got on the boat. We tried to feed her which proved challenging primarily because I did not want to drop her in the lake. After she finished eating she continued to cry so we ended the boat tour a little early (one hour rental, $15) thinking she was tired. However the second my feet touched land she stopped crying and started smiling, little devil!

miss anti boats brooklyn

brooklyn at stow lake, showing stow lake in her book! 

Our next stop was the Golden Gate Bridge. I have been to this iconic SF landmark several times but never actually {walked} across. The full span of the bridge is 1.7 miles, me in boots and stroller in tow we decided to walk to the halfway mark and turn back. There is a popular quote "the coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco," but not today! It was 65, sunny and b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! After we finished our walk we got hot chocolate at a little stand near the bridge and just sat and talked (my favorite thing ever). 

us at the golden gate, showing golden gate in the book! 

We finished this awesome day by grabbing dinner in North Beach at Restaurant Viva . We had fried calamari, Alfredo with prawns and Penne Vodka with chicken. I had eaten here before and loved it, this time not as much. The appetizers and bread were very good, the main dishes were a little under par. With all the amazing options in North Beach we will be trying somewhere new next time. To satisfy our sweet tooth we ended the night with gelado from Z. Cioccolato, "the sweetest spot in north beach." I loved every part of this day. San Francisco we will be back soon!


  1. i LOVE this post and these pictures! cutest fam on earth...perfect SF day! love you guys!

  2. Tary what a fun trip!!! I love the part where you said 'we just sat and talked (my favorite thing to do)' because its so true and i miss our endless chats or 'pillow talk' as we'd call it!! Miss you!

  3. JENNA! i miss you so much! glad you found the blog lol! Just think how many posts I would write about Jenna and Brad's visit?? huh huh huhhhh