The January theme was healthy food. Not as exciting as November girl's night which was dessert but still delicious! Seeing how I eat healthy every day {riiiiiiight} I love trying different, extra tasty, extra fatty dishes and desserts just once a month. Getting together for girl's dinner is super fun, who doesn't love a little girls only gossip every once in a while? Since Rob and I got married we rarely ever do things apart. I love that we are best friends and this aspect of our relationship however it was a transition from having several nights per week chilling with my girlies. Not to be left out Rob has established a "boy's night" with one of my girlfriend's husband on this night each month. Oh girl's night how I love you!

still not sure why i always get asked to do drinks or the salad.... hmm
brooklyn's looking like a pretty natural big sis, she even gave her a tender pat on the head
sweaty husbands after basketball, still pretty sexy 


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