I love being a mother but even more being a mother to my baby girl. I love girl clothing, girl activities, girl talk, girlfriends, girl crafts, everything girl. I remember when I was young all the fun arts & crafts projects my mom did with me. I am so excited to start making those memories with Brooklyn. I am definitely not artistically talented but that doesn't mean a girl can't love her crafts. 

We got inspired Saturday at a cute paper store on Santana Row. We almost bought a pre made kit but instead just picked up the string and mini red clothespins. Brooklyn and I had the funnest time cutting out the hearts. She contributing by chewing on the extra pieces, handing me the hearts and offering her hand for the center piece. I was a little disappointed when I asked my husband how it looked and he said "cute, like you made it." I thought our work was pretty darn professional, almost store bought to the untrained eye. Guess not! However we do have a festive Valentine's craft on our wall and got to spend quality time together. In my book that equals perfect.  


  1. cute!!! i want in on this!!!

  2. i saw on your blog you wanted to do one too! go to the paper store on santana row- darling stuff!