Maybe its because I am a first time mom but for some reason I am SO EXCITED Brooklyn is six months old. I feel like she is {such} a big girl now! I constantly look at her and think possibly, maybe, perhaps she will start speaking to me, in full sentences of course. It hasn't happened yet however I still have hope for tomorrow. 

Brooklyn's six month stats; weight: 14.2 lbs 25%, length: 26 1/4 75% 

We have decided to break up Brooklyn's shots so she is not getting too many in her small body at one time. Because of this we bring her to the doctor once a month. This is actually kind of nice. New mom can ask all her crazy questions and we get to see Brooklyn's height and weight. Plus we get to take a fun "in the tub" picture and see how she is growing! Below is two weeks, two months, (we forgot on three months), four months and five months. Our little model baby is getting taller and skinner each time!


  1. AWW! Found my way here thru c & e :)) I have a seven-month-old son, so it is so fun to see other mamas with kids the same age! Love the name Brooklyn!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! As a first time mom I am so paranoid she's growing normal, on track, etc. I love to compare what other mom's are doing with their little ones. Do you have a blog too?