Yesterday was one.of.those.days. I left the house at 6AM and didn't get home until 9PM. I drove six hours and worked {every second} of the other nine. It is so depressing leaving my daughter and even worse when anyone that knows my working situation says "I can't believe you do that!", "I could never leave like that!', "HOW do you do it?", etc etc, etc. I'm sure anyone who is a working mama can relate to me here....

Why am I at this job you ask? I signed a contract for my dream job, a month later we found out I was pregnant. At this point I very strongly wanted to continue pursuing the career I have worked so hard to build over the last several years. Rob has been unbelievably patient and supportive through this entire journey. Journey sounds more positive than nightmare, right? Until my marriage and Brooklyn's birth my career was the center of my life and the most important thing to me.

I often wonder if I would have moved forward with this job knowing I was pregnant. I also wonder; Am I making the right decision? Am I doing the best thing? Am I being selfish? Is this negatively affecting Brooklyn? Would she be happier with her mommy home full time? What happens when we have baby #2? Is this just as hard for every other working mother?

Sorry friends, just needed to vent a little.

On a happy note BROOKLYN STOOD TODAY, just for a few seconds. Of course I was not home to see this first. But heres a picture for you to enjoy :)


  1. yay she stood! that picture is so cute!!
    glad you could vent, you deserve it. hopefully something will change to make it better soon with the job! either way you are still the best mama! xo

  2. Be a Massachusetts working mama!! Then I can be the substitute help with Brooklyn while you are working around the clock :)