I love, love, love my job however not so much during travel delays. They always seems to strike at the worst times like when I am returning from an overnight trip or have a 6AM flight the next morning. I'm saddest that I miss precious time with this little one: 

(picture sent from our nanny)
Today’s fun travel delay scenario: I originally had a 5:25 flight out of LAX which lands me in San Jose at 6:15. As the day was ending I made evening plans with Rob and started getting really excited for the weekend. I ended up getting stuck at the hospital because the doctor “needed me there” for the very last case of the day. I JUST BARELY missed my 5:25 flight and the next one leaving LAX wasn’t until 7:40, which got delayed until 9:55.

My fun Friday night was comprised of eating KKP thai pizza & pinkberry, stalking family portraits, choosing my future children’s names based off my current children’s names and catching up on work emails...... 

Brooklyn is a suggested name to her sister Brielle- I knew their names sounded good!

I hope everyone’s Friday night was better than mine!  

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  1. boo for delays! but at least you had pinkberry..can't wait to play with you guys this week!