I have been making the horrendous travel trip to University of Arizona in Tucson a lot lately. There is no direct flight from San Jose so I have to fly down the night before and stay in a hotel. 
Whenever I do an overnight I always try to hit the hotel gym. I didn't get in until 11PM and was too tired and again too tired in the morning. I felt disappointed with myself but then realized my flight out wasn't until 5:55 and I would be done around 2:30. The most obvious thing to do: find a local gym! 

I excitedly walked out of the hospital toward my car carrying my heavy briefcase and a bag of large devices, on the phone with my sister, obviously doing too much. I hurried to throw everything in the trunk. As soon as it shut it I screamed: No! I LOCKED MY KEYS IN THE TRUNK.
Oh a silver lining, a key pad! No, no of course the rental car company did not have the code loaded. 

my "crying" face while I was waiting
At long last the lock key person came and for $45 he opened my car in 5 seconds. I was off to the airport and on to the next fun traveling adventure. 

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  1. hahah AHH why didn't you tell me about this last night??? what a hassle..can't believe your crazy travel life! can't wait to see you tomorrow!