Over the weekend we set up the {seat} attachment for Brookyn's stroller. We have got stopped several times by people complimenting or asking questions about this stroller called the Quinny Buzz.

The stroller is able to be assembled with a a bassinet, car seat or upright chair. We did not purchase the bassinet mainly due to the high price tag. Thus far it has been really convenient to attach her to the stroller directly from the car while she's sleeping. Now that she is a little older she is usually not sleeping in the car and wants to see more so the option to have her face forward is nice.

I also like this stroller because it uses hydraulic technology to unfold itself, has only one wheel in front that is easy to maneuver, this wheel can also be fixed so you can use it to run (i think thats off label), its narrow so easy to push around in tight spaces and in the stroller world its a pretty good looking carriage.  

daddy setting up the new seat

she looks like a pretty big girl! 

Carseat & stroller combo

What stroller do you use?
Do you like it, would you recommend it?

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